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SEO Domain Name

How to choose a good SEO domain name

Fun fact: domain names used to be free to register, back during the creation of the Internet. Today, however, with so much Intellectual Property (IP) in this tech era, domain names always cost money. Domain names with better SEO opportunities can cost up to thousands of...

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Analyze Page SEO

3 tips when analyzing a page’s SEO

There are countless of millions of webpages out there. They will only continue to increase in number as more and more businesses post new content on the daily. Here are 3 things to look for SEO-wise when analyzing an online page. 

1. Is it easy to use? 


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NYC SEO Manager

3 Questions to Ask When User Testing for SEO

Web developers often like to use the term user testing to describe conducting surveys on site visitors. These tests, sometimes conducted through video or monitored in-person, help a company gauge whether their site is simple, aesthetically-pleasing and efficient. Here are three questions that you should ask...

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Keeping Track SEO

Are you keeping track of your SEO?

Some business-owners run their own SEO, while larger corporations dedicate entire IT teams to ensuring that the website’s SEO is always up-to-date. Whether you are the former or the latter, we have some tips for you for keeping track of your digital business’ SEO. 

1. Stay updated...

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