How to Use Gray Hat SEO

How to Use Gray Hat SEO
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White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat are the three main types of SEO marketing strategies. While the first is the epitome of good, and the last a no-brainer evil, Gray Hat SEO is more of a challenge to explain to first-time users. Here are some tips when using Gray Hat SEO. 

1. Stay Updated

Gray Hat SEO techniques range from year to year. For example, what could have been banned as a Black Hat SEO strategy in 2016 could be completely White Hat in 2017. To ensure that your website operates in the gray area instead of in the illegal Black Hat SEO category, keep your business up to date with SEO trends. 

2. Choose Your Audience Wisely

Do you think your customers would be willing to participate in a company that operates in a gray area? While some people have target audiences that do not want any risk in their shopping experience, you can use the ones who do to leverage how much effort your business is putting in to ensure your visitors’ safety.

3. Select Simple Keywords 

You should try as much as possible to make sure that search engines don’t blacklist your website. This is why you must choose your keywords with tact, since some words are labeled as more suspicious than others.

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