Black Hat SEO (And How to Avoid It)

Black Hat SEO (And How to Avoid It)
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We’ve all seen it in our email inboxes, and we hate it. Yes, we’re talking about spam. Indeed, Search Engine Optimization has its own form of spam. Here’s a breakdown of black hat SEO and how to avoid it to ensure your business’ success.

1. Black Hat SEO

Businesses that use black hat SEO focus on marketing to a search engine, rather than to a potential customer base. The strategies they use to maximize search engine results are often aggressive, which is why they are labeled as “spam”. Some examples of black hat SEO include stuffing the wrong keywords, using clickbait, and violating the search engine’s Terms of Service. Often times websites that use black hat SEO end up getting banned from the search engine or are unable to attract new customers.

2. How to Avoid It

In some cases black hat SEO can be illegal, so you should try to avoid it whenever possible. You can do so by avoiding keyword stuffing, providing genuine content that reflects your businesses skill set, and by producing original content.

3. Conclusion

Not only is black hat SEO ineffective, but it also pushes potential customers away. Today’s consumers are smarter than most businesses think. Rather than taking advantage of potential clients, business owners should try to help customers solve their problems. This is a long-term strategy that always works.

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