How to Combine SEO and UX

How to Combine SEO and UX
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Search Engine Optimization is a must in the 21st century as more and more businesses flock to SEO and SEM marketing campaigns. However, you can’t have SEO without proper UX optimization. Here’s how you can optimize your website for both SEO and UX.

1. Use Proper Keywords

The correct keywords can mean the difference between your website ranking highest or lowest on search engines. Make sure that you select the perfect keywords for your site and include them somewhere noticeably on your site. You will help your visitors have a better website experience and understanding of what you business does.

2. Use Headings

Studies show that website visitors not only read faster when there are headings, but have a more enjoyable experience. Use titles and subtitles to organize your content. The more organized your website, the better chance it has of ranking high on search engines.

3. Include Navigation

There are many ways that you can embed navigation into your website. Whether through an internal meta navigation structure, the header menu, or footer navigation, you can help your customers have a more simplified and enjoyable experience browsing through your website.

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