Best Search Engines for SEO

Best Search Engines for SEO
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Search engines help generate search results to online visitors. Therefore, without search engines, there would not be SEO. You should choose one of the below three search engines to increase your site’s visibility. 

1. Google

Google is the majority of the world’s go-to search engine. It ranks 65% higher than Bing (in second place). Also, it has a mobile market share of 81%. In this era where mobile technology trumps desktop technology, a search engine known for its mobile capabilities can be hugely beneficial. 

2. Bing

Microsoft created Bing to challenge Google’s search engine. However, it still is not in first place. It is the default search engine on Windows PCs, though, so if your customer base consists of this demographic of users, then you should leverage the opportunity. 

3. Yahoo

Yahoo is not only a popular search engine, but also one of the most popular email providers. It has a 3.90% market share, much higher than search engines such as, and Baidu. Yahoo is the default search engine on the Firefox browser.

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