7 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Web Designer

7 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Web Designer
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Though it can be a tough task to hire a website designer, it is essential for your organization or business. For your business or digital brand, your website is your front door. Through this, your customer perceives you and by this, you showcase yourself to the world.

For your business, you want to create the best site. Do a quick Google search. Following are some important things you should know before hiring a web designer.

1. Get Referrals From Multiple Agencies

If you have a professional network, ask them about what companies or freelancers they have used. By doing this you will come across someone who is highly recommended. In New York, there are 100s of web designers who can help you create a website but the thing is you have to find someone with high experience and good skills. 

Use Google search if you are finding it difficult to find a web designer locally. Simply type in ‘Web Designer New York’, or use any variation of keywords that help you in this matter. 

If this is not helpful, then look at any website of your choice, and at the bottom of every web page, a link is provided about the designer that says ‘Designed by’ and this will redirect to their website. You can contact them directly.

2. Set Your Website Goals

Understanding the objectives of your new website before reaching out to a web designer is very important. To find a solution to all of your queries, a web designer is the best person for this purpose. You should do some research for websites of your taste because presenting websites to a web designer will be helpful for them to understand your idea and will have a clear image of the final product.

3. Create A Vision Board

To create the best look, vision boards are used by marketing managers and business directors. We know vision boards are no different than any website. For your convenience, you can use a physical board. But it should include the types of images you want, graphics, font styles, and colors you would like to have on your website.

4. Prepare A Design Wish List

One thing should be clear at the start: if we are making some small changes to your existing website or we are creating a brand new website. As both are different and this should be clear at the start. One of them is focused on improvement and another one is on creating a vision for a company.

Work out the architecture of this site if you are creating a brand new one. Examples include Home/About Us/News/Services/Contact Us. Also, keep in mind the functionality or buttons you want on your websites. 

Having a brand book or brand elements will be helpful for a web designer to create an estimate and time frame for your website.

5. Estimate The Cost

Just have a plan because building a website is the same as building a house because it can sometimes cost more than originally anticipated. You should do your homework about the ongoing rate for web design in your city. In your area, search for some local businesses who built their website, and in case you like the design, reach out to the company and have an idea of what it might cost you.

6. Define A Purpose For Each Page On The Website 

What type of pages should be on the website? What is the purpose of each page? Is it necessary to write text for each page? These are some questions that should be asked to yourself before starting the process of working with a web designer. A reputed web design company may charge you by the hour to answer these sorts of questions. 

As we discussed above, you should not copy the content of a website you like, instead, you should have an idea about it and transfer it to your website. Even after this if you find it difficult then you may proceed as given below.

  • FAQ
  • Product or Service Details
  • Contact

You should update your content on a weekly / monthly basis. Keep in mind that these changes will have an additional cost. The type of work varies between companies as some companies are likely to work on a monthly basis and others will work on a project basis.

7. Plan Your Launch

When you have created your website and it’s time to tell the world, what next? To create some buzz some owners decide to create a launch of their websites. As your site is being designed now should concentrate on how you can make some noise about your plan and so that you can tell your network. 

Before pursuing web design, it is essential that your text content is ready. It will ultimately help your designer. Their work becomes ten times easier and will have a clear image of what text they have to design. For a website, text content is important. If you are struggling with it, some web designers will help you in this matter as they have content writers that can assist you in this regard.


Links on your website should work and go somewhere. For that ask your friends and family if they can identify any errors. 

Mobile devices are very important  and make sure your site reads correctly on both tablet and mobile. There should be easy for your users when they scroll through your site. These points will make you ready to hire a web designer. If you need any further help, feel free to contact us any time. We provide premium web design and development services in New York.