5 Tips To Boost Your WordPress Website SEO

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You always want a good sum of people on your website —either your goal is to entertain or inform your readers, upgrade your work, or you know, how to provide the world’s best web hosting. Simply put, the more the number of visitors you get, the easier it is for you to build an audience you can count on. But how can you start?

There are different ways to drive traffic to your site, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) proves to be the best among all. SEO is a collection of different strategies and techniques which help your page to rank higher in search engines results. It serves as a booster for your website. 

There are plenty of simple ways to improve your WordPress site’s SEO, even if you are a beginner. In this article, we will take a look at 5 techniques you can adopt to boost your site’s SEO ranking.   

As we know, Google is the most popular search engine which provides users with a lot of information, so we will take some advice from it.

1. Start By Creating A Sitemap

A sitemap is basically a list that consists of all the pages and other content, usually sorted into a ranking. It provides basic knowledge about the content on your site. Earlier, these sitemaps were designed in a way that can help users navigate through websites with ease. But now, it is used to communicate information to search engine bots.

Although adding a sitemap can not help improve your search engine rankings but still, it is considered a valuable SEO tool. It enables crawlers to understand the content, all web pages, and the way they relate to one another. This makes it a lot easier for search engines to navigate your site. It also provides to-the-point content in user searches. 


2. Focus On Keyword-Based Content

Choosing a keyword for your page accordingly in various places — such as the title, the headings, and then the content itself — is a common way to communicate your topic to search engine crawlers and it will help your content to reach relevant searches.

Obviously, you are capable enough to use this tool smartly. For example, it’s best to avoid ‘keyword stuffing, as it seems spammy and unnatural. There are a lot of great SEO tools which can help you get started.

3. Optimize Your Images

Images are important for any website. They help in breaking up the text and make it more readable for users. As you’ve guessed, they can also have an impact on your SEO. For one, the quality and size of your images can influence your pages’ loading speed, which is a vital ranking factor. Usually, crawlers will look at certain kinds of information attached to images — such as filenames and ‘alt text’ — when trying to go through and understand your site.

Make sure to optimize your images and other media, by doing so will have as little impact on your site’s performance as possible. Then, give each image an illustrative filename and alt text.

4. Create Quality Content

To rank websites, Google and other search engines create complex logarithms. Their goal is to help sites that are providing useful and relevant content to score highly. These rankings matter a lot and their effects are changing over time. However, the underlying theme remains compatible. Rather than trying to cheat the system, you have to create good content and put effort into this regard.

As we know, long-form of content is also a good way to enhance the quality of your posts and pages. However, there are plenty of other ways by which you can achieve this goal. The best way is when you focus on the quality of the content which you are providing for your target readers. Details matter a lot, so you should carefully fact-check and proofread everything you add to your website.

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5. Add Useful Internal and External Links

Search engines don’t consider any website in the void. Rather, they look at how well it’s connected, both internally and to other sites. Using plenty of links provides a better understanding for crawlers. It also helps other people to link back to your site — which in turn makes your content valuable!

As with keywords, you should use this strategy carefully because if you cram too many links and use a lot of links that will end up pointing towards irrelevant pages and ending up promoting the products. This will make your search engine ranking suffer.

Instead, look for those links that fit naturally, and by doing so the websites which are of high quality the reader will point towards them. So by using smart internal and external links, you will be able to achieve the best SEO results possible.


All in all, website SEO depends on multiple factors. If you are new to the web, you may find it quite difficult to follow all the SEO parameters. However, if you get all the indicators right, your website will be soaring the Google rankings in no time. 

If you need any further information regarding WordPress SEO you can contact us. We have a team of highly skilled SEO experts that can help you get your website on the right track.