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In today’s digital society, many customers look for new businesses to spend their money on by looking online. One of the easiest ways for customers to shop is through social media. Today, we’ve gathered the three most popular social media sites with great search engine optimization. 

1. YouTube

While you may think that YouTube is online a video-sharing platform, it also functions as a great SEO campaign tool. To explain, you only need to look at a YouTube video. The ad at the beginning of the video is viewed by countless millions of viewers from around the globe. Plus, YouTube is owned by Google, so any high-ranking video will appear in Google’s search engine too.

2. Twitter

Twitter is an often-cited social media resource. It is so popular, in fact, that even the president uses Twitter. Since Twitter uses hashtags, it is easy to comb through to the correct users and offer services to them. 


3. Facebook

Facebook is easily the most accessible and effective SEO tool. It has an option called Facebook Ads, where you can target a certain demographic and market your product or service only to them. This not only saves you time from finding customers, but it also saves you money.

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