How to Write Better Meta Descriptions (with Examples)

How to Write Better Meta Descriptions (with Examples)
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Meta descriptions are the name of the game when it comes to search engine optimization. These show up first on search results, so you should ensure that visitors are getting the best possible information and experience. Here are three of our favorite examples. 

1. MailChimp


We love this meta description by MailChimp, as it is simple and straight to the point. “Sell more stuff” is what MailChimp’s business is built on, so this is both clear and effective. 

2. Slack


Slack is at heart a business communication platform. It makes sense, then, that it would call its goal to “bring all your communication together in one place.” This is yet another example of a direct description.

3. Bing


This description is most effective because of its length. Remember that visitors only get one glance at your description before deciding whether or not to enter your site. Make it user-friendly and short.

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