How To Improve Your Sales By 90% While In Bed

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Do you know that you can reach millions of people in any location of your choice even in the corner of your room or right on your bed?
Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs making efficient use of social media marketing and adverts make more sales than you?
Have you tried social media and still don’t have an increase in sales?
Do you feel the nature of your business doesn’t require social media? And you are like “what will social media marketing do for me?”

If you are in any of these categories, then you need to read this.

I know you are probably thinking right now that this is one of those long write ups you have read and yet have no result… well! Don’t stress I am just going to make my point clear and easy to follow, all I need you to do is pay attention to what I am about to show you.

Telling you this process is totally free and you need no investment sounds so nice, but don’t you think it’s too good to be true? Of course nothing valuable comes totally free. Not everyone can invest time in social media due to busy schedule but we have brought you choices. This whole process is solely dependent on what you are willing to give up; is it time or a token of your money. Do you know you can spend your time on other important things while your business is growing rapidly on social media?


  1. SMM is not about the hard sell. It is about building relationships with others who will eventually become your customers. It is all about people and solving their problems. The more relationships you can build with other people, the more they will begin to trust you, believe in your credibility, want to do business with you, and ultimately become loyal customers. Building relationships on social media is time consuming but we are willing to give our time to it because it’s what we are here for.
  2. Whatever your business, segment, and audience are, a great portion of your customers and leads are on social media. Posting on social media helps to drive the targeted traffic. When the access to these customers is gained, it helps to boost traffic, for your page or new site. Social media gives the opportunity for a lot of people to know about your new products or goods. It also makes it easy for the public to find your new web content and click through to your site. We help in developing your social media accounts and post necessary details that will help in moving your business without you lifting a finger.
  3. Social media marketing will get you more sales. More than 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook? And do you know that 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions? When you stay in front of your customer base, they’re more likely to buy from you when they need the products you sell, but social media marketing does far more than increasing brand presence. You can influence customer buying decisions at multiple points along the sales funnel. We link you with customers that have come to stay, we keep them in close contact and keep them coming back.
  4. Using social media makes you understand your audience, at this point you probably are thinking “why do I need to understand them don’t I just want to make sales?” this is why you need us. By knowing your audience, reading their tweets and status updates, liking their posts, you will gain insights into their daily lives and customer behaviors, this insight have obvious marketing benefits. We use social media as a point to understand your customers, so as to improve your content and write more compelling posts which leads to more traffic, and so more sales either directly or indirectly by referrals. This process makes us give you the feed backs on when your products should be improved.
  5. The most important part of building relationships with your audience is the generation of discussions.. This approach is much more subtle and will create a better way of creating relationships with them. As a blog, we have an obligation to help your business be a part of the social media revolution. If you aren’t a part of it, you won’t be able to enjoy the success that you and your business want and deserve.
  6. Making an active social media presence; this enhances the relationship with your audience. Most costumers see Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as a social network not marketing machines. This can pose a real problem when developing social media marketing strategy by yourself. Another reason why many entrepreneurs don’t see social media as useful to their brand is that they have tried and failed and they failed because they took social media as a way to pitch customers, well they can’t be blamed all they needed was a touch by professionals. As professionals we see social media as a platform to connect with them and not otherwise. We help your customers and create greater traffic by answering their questions, informing them with relevant content, entertain and create a bond by sharing interests.
  7. We help in building connections with industry leaders and influencers through social media; by providing top-notch product for promoters and interesting topics for experts to share with their followers, also by providing stories for reporters. Doing this we make you become part of the community, not just a brand. Exposure brings in new leads. Over time, those leads become followers, followers become customers and customers become dedicated brand promoters, continuing the cycle.
  8. Ads on social media allow targeting and retargeting. Our social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Blog offer targeted ads which can target a particular set of people at your specified location, education level and age which can also help to improve your business, most people underestimate what ads can do, with a single ad thousands of people can be reached and this can improve leads, increase followers as well as customers. With time social media will learn which users are most likely to click your link or patronize you and ensure the ads are delivered to them.
  9. Traditional advertising does not give you the chance to reach out to your target audience the way our social media ads do. It simply doesn’t work that way. When you’re doing offline advertising, you are taking the blind, shotgun approach where your returns are dismal even if you’re making big investments. Using our social media ads, you reach out to targeted prospects, increase your conversions and ultimately get a higher return on investment.
  10. Reputation management: whether or not you are there to respond, your customers are already talking about you on social media. Before a major issue starts, we help pick up on important posts about your brand to highlight the positives and address the negative if you and your firm are on the ball. When we ear untrue rumors about your business on social media we make sure to share your side of the story in a very polite and professional way. We will appreciate those who appreciate you by sending them thanks and draw attention to their kind of words.
  11. Staying on top of industrial news; things move fast in the online world, the last thing you would want as a business person is to be left behind, you can’t afford it. Through social media, we can help keep your ears close to the ground making sure you are always informed about upcoming changes to your industry or business that can affect the way you do business.
  12. Getting noticed at events; wondering how that’s possible? Well with us it is, we can help you get noticed at events and even generate earned media coverage. Events always demand effective promotion, and that promotion always gains from an active social media presence. Examples are? Attending a trade show to collect high-quality leads at a trade show? We build a mature social media strategy which will enable you to leverage influencers to amplify your message and bring attendees to your booth.
  13. Using social media we can help to build brand loyalty. Statistics show that brands with active social media profile have more loyal customers,.the reason is obvious, when you engage people on social media you are not building a connection and rapport, and as an individual it can be taxing to keep your accounts active always, more reason why we are here for you. We take time to provide useful information to your followers without asking for anything in return. This makes customers feel valued as people and that you are not just using them for revenue purpose. They begin to develop trust in you and make them want to spend more another day. We give your business a right social media marketing strategy to slay competitions.
  14. Social media provides ample to show your expertise. By helping to answer questions, sharing relevant information, we can show your ability to lead. Using this strategy regularly can improve your brand’s reach. There will be new leads impressed with the helpful information and will be more likely to visit your site again and also purchase your products. All these will happen without asking anyone to buy your goods. You don’t need to doubt it is our specialized area we have got you covered always.
  15. Social media is king when it comes to newsjacking. Sometimes your brand gets mentioned on a television show or tweeted about by an influencer. And other times, there’s a news story, a meme that fits perfectly with your branding. If your brand can engage with the story while everyone is paying attention, it can lead to viral posts, traffic boosts, press coverage and greater visibility for your brand. This strategy, known as newsjacking, works best if you get your voice out there while it’s still breaking new. This can be done as quick as possible by professionals, If you join in too late and you’ll just look like another company trying to ride the trend. To be one of the first voices out there, we help you create active social media team. Not only will that enable you to track and react quickly to current events, but it will also ensure your message gets out, so that reporters, influencers, and followers see your take while the story is still hot.
  16. Social media is relatively cheap especially when compared to the traditional method of advertisement, e.g., television, radio and print media adverts; social media ads are not only dependable, they are also cheaper. It is free to join any social media of your choice, and it is relatively cheap to manage it and keep it growing.
  17. Real-time performance analysis; it is important to know if the ad is working or not to improve on it. It is impossible to know whether your method is working when using an offline advert or when you visit your social media once in a while. This can massively cripple your efforts. That is the advantage of social media the ads we give; it can be checked, adjusted or changed at the right time even while you are asleep.
  18. We can help take your mail marketing to the next level; social media has changed people’s orientation especially small businesses about email marketing. Sharing your mail on social media can widen your content up to the new audience and create the attention you have been looking for. Email and social media together have leveled the plane for small businesses trying to reach out to audience and customers for their businesses. To get this all done all you need do is contact us.
  19. Lastly, it is important for every business owner or entrepreneur to know that social media is where the future is heading, and social media ads are getting larger by the day. Even as a busy businessman/woman you can be a part of it, don’t let your busy schedule stop you from moving with the world, with us, you can eat you cake and have it! It’s like magic we’ve got your back.

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