How to Get (Authoritative) Backlinks to Your Website

How to Get (Authoritative) Backlinks to Your Website
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The more backlinks a page has, the more search traffic it gets from Google. Hence, the backlinks to your website play a key role in your visibility on search engines.

But what are backlinks? These are sites that link back to your website. When other sites backlink your content, they prove that you are offering valuable content.

There are different ways you can get backlinks to your website, but here are 6 top strategies to get authoritative backlinks;

1.     Take Advantage of Broken Links

Broken links are links that are no longer working on a website. Mostly, they occur as a result of the source website removing the link or an inappropriate URL.  You can take advantage of these broken links to get backlinks to your website.

All you need to do is to find these broken links and then contact the website using them. You can tell the site owner that you have spotted a broken link on their website and pitch your website to replace it.

2.     Make Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

If you want more traffic to your site, participate in HARO. Your site will earn a mention on their news websites and journalist blogs that have high domain authority on search engines through these platforms.

 To be part of HARO, sign up as a source on the homepage, and choose a pricing plan that suits you. You will be receiving emails to provide tips or advice. You can be wise by responding to queries that relate to your business. And once your response is selected, you will get a backlink for your website.

3.     Create Top-notch Content

It sounds simple, right? Developing high-quality content can help you earn backlinks to your website in ways you never imagined. But if your content is not relevant and competitive, no one will link to you.

Therefore, ensure that your content stands out by using higher-quality images than your competitor. Besides, let every word matter and use compelling titles. Finally, create eye-catching title tags and meta descriptions.

4.     Develop Infographics for Your Site

People love visual data because it is easy to understand. As a website owner’ it is crucial to develop infographics to gain valuable backlinks that will help you rank higher on search engines.

Besides, be careful when choosing infographics for your site—one of the best ways to develop them is using the current political trends or anything happening in the world. Present them in statistics to attract backlinks to your website.

5.     Spy on Your Competitors

Who are you competing with within the industry? It is essential to know your competitors within your area of specialization and what they are doing. It will help you identify what is helping them get backlinks.

You can ethically spy on your competitors by finding out their organic keywords, their source of backlinks, and their competitive content. It will help you to stay updated and hence, gain backlinks for your website.

6.     Give Testimonials

Testimonials are another trick you can use to win backlinks to your website. Most websites want testimonials to win the trust of their target audience. Hence, they will provide a place on their page where you can say something about them.

Therefore, look for sites with high domain authority related to your business and give them testimonials in exchange for a backlink.


Getting backlinks for your websites should be one of your goals as a website owner. With authoritative backlinks, your site will have more traffic and rank higher on search engines such as Google.