How to choose a good SEO domain name

SEO Domain Name
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Fun fact: domain names used to be free to register, back during the creation of the Internet. Today, however, with so much Intellectual Property (IP) in this tech era, domain names always cost money. Domain names with better SEO opportunities can cost up to thousands of dollars. Here are three tips for choosing a good SEO domain name without breaking the bank. 

1. Use a generator

Domain name generators such as Namemesh can be highly beneficial when choosing a catchy domain name. Tools such as Shopify Business Name Generator can also help you choose a simple and effective domain name. Be sure to use only one to two keywords to get optimal results. 

2. Ask friends and family 

Sometimes you alone cannot determine whether a domain name sounds catchy or not. Therefore, we suggest that you ask trusted colleagues, friends and family members to give an honest opinion about whether your domain is easy to remember. Make necessary changes based on their input. 

3. Omit and and the

Even if your business name has an and or the in the title, you should try to eliminate it from your domain name. Here’s an example: Abercrombie & Fitch have and ampersand in their brand name, but their domain is simply You should strive to make your domain similarly effective and simple in order to optimize your site for SEO. 

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