How Live Chat Can Help Your Website’s SEO

How Live Chat Can Help Your Website's SEO
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Recently, we’ve been mentioning that you should add live chat options to your website to help out your customers. Today, we’re telling you the three reasons why live chat can be beneficial to your website’s SEO. 

1. It helps customers make direct purchases

You run an online business, don’t you? Then of course you appreciate any option that helps make more purchases. Adding a live chat option to your website is one of the ways that this will help make customers directly make purchases. For example, live chat members can help answer customers’ questions, then offer them a discount code to an item. Consider this as an option when adding a live chat function.

2. It helps customers feel welcome

In our last post, we talked about how a website’s homepage is like the welcome mat of a house. Live chats can serve the same function, since support team members are often helpful and personable. Train your support team to have charismatic qualities when chatting to customers. 

3. It gauges customers’ feedback

Most live chats allow customers to give feedback on how helpful the support team was. If you are going to add a live chat option, consider adding a feedback form at the end of each live chat session. This will help you determine how to improve your support team.

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