How Does SEO Work?

How Does SEO Work
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How does SEO work?

Every search engine works with crawlers which go out and gather content. The collected data is then matched with your query and results displayed according to an algorithm (SE dependent). For Search Engine Optimization, creators aim to deliver content that Search Engines understand while crawling, and users get what they are looking for. SEOs are of three types and use two main techniques. The types are classified based on the legitimacy of the process used for optimization.

  • White Hat SEO is the legitimate practices adopted to rank higher on SERPs- abiding by Google’s SEO guidelines. These include publishing quality content, restructuring website, HTML optimization, link acquisition campaigns which deliver slow but lasting results.
  • Black Hat SEO work on loopholes in Google’s SE algorithm to rank higher on SERPs through practices like hidden links and texts, spam links, and keyword stuffing. However, these results are short-lived since the customer often returns from the website disappointed.
  • Grey Hat SEO operate in the areas between the two.

SEO can be done both On-site and Off-site (techniques). On-site techniques are carried out on the page to rank higher vis-à-vis Meta tags, customized URL, and quality content while Off-site techniques happen after the page goes live- building engagement, ratings and query answering.

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