Ideas for Boosting Underperforming Content

Ideas for Boosting Underperforming Content
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On every website, there are always a few pages that don’t attract as many visitors as the other pages. How do you increase the visibility of these underperforming pages? Here are some search engine optimization tips for boosting underperforming content. 

1. Post on Social Media

Social media is one of the best online resources out there. Sometimes, it’s even…drumroll…free for business to use. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are customers’ favorites, as they are the easiest for a business to get their message across. You could post links to underperforming content with an eye-catching post description. 

2. Republish the Page

If your page is underperforming, chances are it is either outdated or hidden within your site so that visitors cannot access it. In this case, you should consider republishing the page with updated content. Also, try to publish the page in a different location on your website, such as the homepage, to increase visibility.

3. Change the Page Title

Perhaps the title you’ve chosen for the page is simply not effective enough to attract visitors. In this case, you should consider changing the page title. As long as visitors are interested in what topic you have to talk about, you will have a better chance of drawing their attention.

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