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Our 3 Favorite Infographics about SEO

Top 3 Infographics about Web Development

Welcome to today’s post, where we’re giving you our top three favorite infographics about web development. Enjoy!

1. Why Good Website Design Is So Important

Why Good Website Design Is So Important


2. 26...

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Ways that you can add videos to your website

Ways that you can add videos to your website

Prior to the creation of tools such as YouTube and Vimeo, making a video was a challenge. However, today’s generation can simply take out their phones and start shooting videos. This has resulted in an increase of videos all over the web. Here are three ways...

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Nonprofit Website Tips

Tips for Nonprofit Websites

Do you run a charity? Are you considering starting a charity website? If both are true, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re giving you three tips for nonprofit websites. 

1. Add a donate button to the menu bar

The primary goal of a charity should be...

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How Live Chat Can Help Your Website's SEO

How Live Chat Can Help Your Website’s SEO

Recently, we’ve been mentioning that you should add live chat options to your website to help out your customers. Today, we’re telling you the three reasons why live chat can be beneficial to your website’s SEO. 

1. It helps customers make direct purchases

You run an online business, don’t...

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