Words to Avoid in a Domain Name for Better SEO

Words to Avoid in a Domain Name for Better SEO
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Are you deciding on a domain name? Or perhaps you already have one, and are wondering whether you should make any adjustments. Either way, here are three words that you should avoid in a domain name for a chance to rank higher on search engines.

1. and

Users are often confused by your site if you include an and in the middle. Visitors are hesitant to type it, and chances are they will end up at an error page or visit a competitor’s site. Try taking out the and in the domain name and see if that boosts your SEO score.

2. the

This one is similar to and an. Otherwise known as articles, these words can be confusing for your visitors. This makes your web address longer to type, which can also frustrate users. Try keeping your domain simple by limiting it to one or two words. You can also try an abbreviation.


3. Hyphens

While this isn’t a word, we’re putting it at the top of our list. Hyphens can confuse web users, since the key is hard to find. In addition, a hyphen could confuse visitors with another page, especially if the domain names are the same. 

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