WordPress – A Perfect Solution to Make Your Online Existence

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Since the world became a Global Village with the help of electronic media and the internet played a great role in bringing people closer to each other, it has become essential for every business to have its strong online presence over the internet. And, getting a business website is the best option to create your online existence in order to extend your business other sides of the horizon.

There are many people who still hesitate to have their own website because they take it as a complex thing to do. They think that it is the work of only a tech-minded person and they will get confused and frustrated by having their own business site.

These all your worries are understandable, but you forgot one thing that it is 2018, and this digital era has the right solutions for all your worries. By using a simple and easy-to-use content management system, WordPress, you can set up your own website without having any such technical knowledge of web development. It is the simplest and the most used CMS that people use for all kinds of sites including online stores, forums, and personal blogs. You can also easily find plenty of WordPress developers offering their service in reasonable rates, but to choose a professional and reliable one is your duty!

What Actually WordPress Is

WordPress is an open source website making tool that is being used by millions of sites across the world. Written in PHP, this particular tool allows you to create any kind of website; whether a blog or a full-featured business website. It has hundreds of plugins through which, you can add amazing features on your site and can engage viewers efficiently. Using its WooCommerce plugin, you can create a whole online store where you can sell your products all over the world.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org

There are two ways to use thing platform. WordPress.com is the hosted version that the platform runs on its own servers and allows users to create a free website in few minutes. In this .com version, you need to buy a hosting plan, but there are some limitations in it, i.e. you can’t have full access to thousands of themes and also can’t use some plugins.

On the other hand, WordPress.com is the self-hosted version in which, you buy your own hosting and run the website through your own hosting account. In this version, you get complete control over the functionality of the site along with full access to the thousands of WordPress themes.

Get you WordPress site now and enter your business into the world of digital habitats!

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