Why your Cleaning Business Needs a Website

Why your Cleaning Business Needs a Website
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Your business is an ever-evolving organism and so is the web: this is what you have to keep in mind when it comes to owning a company website and its marketing because, the online web grows, businesses also grows which means; your website should also be able to grow with it. Consequently, we talk to a lot of small business owners who are thinking about finally creating a website for their brand/business. We’ve noticed that when we talk to people who own cleaning and janitorial businesses, there is this perception they have that these kinds of companies don’t need a website.

What! That perception is just flat out wrong.

As a business, you do know the importance of having a website (do you?), if you don’t, then you need to understand the fact that very few businesses can actually survive without this virtual representation.

Take for example; If there’s a lot of dirt in your neighborhood – who you gonna call? Let’s say; there’s something filthy and it doesn’t look good – who you gonna call?

Well I know for a fact it aren’t gonna be 911! You probably will start looking for a good cleaning service and, let’s be sincere; the last place you will look for a phone number will be the yellow pages of your jotter. I bet you (and 80% of the adult population) will go to Google. When looking for something, the user tends to go through the first three to five links that the search engine offers, choose one of the variants and forget other pages exist.

This is the way of thinking every customer goes through. If you are a cleaning business owner, the paragraph you just read gives you three very important insights:

  • To be visible in a modern world you need your cleaning company website.

The customers will look for this service on the internet, so it won’t be enough to just leave your phone in the telephone directory or even on the announcements website.

  • The link to your website must appear on the first page of the search engine results.

Very few users go searching on the second page if the first one gives him what he wants. That means you need to organize your page really well and think carefully about SEO.

  • When the user comes to your cleaning services website you will have only a few seconds to attract him.

Don’t forget that he compares you with up to four other companies, so you need to stand out among the rest.

However, if you are reading this article it is obvious you are wondering how to create a brilliant cleaning services website for your janitorial business. (Relax! We are professionals and it’s why we are here to help you)

Now, before we talk about the reasons why your cleaning business needs a website, you need to have this imprinted in your mind:

No matter if you are just starting to think about how to create a website for your cleaning business or already have it – below are a few tips that will help your page to attract clients.


This is an alpha and omega, the key feature you have to implement to your janitorial services website. You manage a cleaning service. Your website can’t be messy! What kind of cleaning company are you if your own website is a clutter of fonts, pictures and text? If you build the website from the ground up – carefully think out its structure. Make it spatial, easy to navigate and accurate, and your visitors won’t close it three seconds after opening.


If your maid service website appearance didn’t scare the customer off, the first thing he would like to see is pricing. The user will evaluate the quality of your work or read testimonials only if the price you set is not higher than he can afford to pay. Make sure it will be easy to find the pricing tables – put them right on the homepage or into the menu.


Reaching the contact information of the seller to make an order should take no effort from the customer; these are the marketing basics. Come on, you do everything to make a visitor buy something and then hide the only way he can do it? Place the contact form in a place the visitor won’t be able to miss, highlight it with color, and make it big and eye-catching. Your profit depends on the number of clients who find it.


When it comes to comparing you with the competitors – all the details will be taken into consideration, so it would be a crime to be shy. If you have any accreditations, rewards, rankings or reviews – show them! Your business doesn’t have any such things? Achieve it and then place them your cleaning business website homepage to add some points it the customer’s eyes. Brag about your achievements and show off your best points!


Smartphones are often more convenient to use than laptops or PCs. People use them while commuting to work or eating their lunch. This is why your website should look marvelous not only on the large screens, but on the tablet and mobile phone screens too. Make your cleaning services website responsive or use a responsive template (the second choice is way more simple). Observe one of the website we created below to get a feel of all my points above.

cleaning spa image

(You too can own this type of responsive website or get a customized one created for you. All you need is contact us now!)

Still not sure why you need a cleaning website? Here are the reasons you need one created today!


There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but when you’re trying to convince potential customers to hire your cleaning business, pictures on your site can be worth thousands of dollars instead. When people are hiring a cleaning service, they may not be able to picture the difference a professional cleaning can make. If you take photos of the work you’ve done, you can show them exactly how much of a difference they can make, especially if you have great before and after pictures where you’ve made a huge difference in a dirty environment.


Surveys show that over two thirds of all consumers consider online reviews to be an important part of their decision-making process. You can appeal to these people by placing positive reviews directly on your website in the form of testimonials from your satisfied customers. People don’t believe much of what they see in advertising anymore. You could pay for an ad saying that you will do a great job cleaning someone’s home or office, but people are much more likely to believe a testimonial that says you did a great job. And the benefit of putting these testimonials on your website is that you control them.


As we’ve written here before, blogs are one of the best ways to bring new visitors to your websites. If you’re running a cleaning or janitorial business, you’ll have an easier time creating a useful and interesting blog than most people! People read blogs to get useful or entertaining information, and as a cleaning professional you can be a great source of extremely useful information. Offer your readers cleaning tips and they will come to see you as an expert. Then, when there’s a big cleaning job they can’t handle, they’ll be more likely to turn to the company they already trust.



One of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of running a cleaning business is dealing with scheduling and customer quotes. If you put a contact form on your website, it can make the entire process of dealing with your customers much more efficient. You will likely still get phone calls, but more and more people prefer to deal with services digitally these days. If they can get a quote for a cleaning job from your website instead of calling you, they’ll be happy about it. And it also lets you deal with communicating with potential customers when you have time instead of being distracted from the other aspects of your business.