Why Should You Use SEO?

Why Use SEO
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Search Engines use algorithms to optimize their search that is why SEO techniques are needed in order to meet every criterion of that algorithm in order to make the visibility of the website clearer than before. Now there are predominantly four things that an algorithm checks in a website-

  • Keywords- These are the most frequently appearing words in a website, the algorithm keeps track of these keywords in the website and stores in it in there server so whenever the user searches for that keyword the website associated with these keywords are displayed.
  • Title- This is what defines the article on the website so great importance is given to the title of the article on the website
  • Subheading- The subheadings are other criteria that the algorithms keep track of.
  • Links- This means the number of websites that are linked to the user’s website. The more other websites are linked the more credibility the website gains and the algorithm notices that and will rank the website higher than others

Keeping in mind these four things a website can be made more visible on the internet. Implementing SEO techniques will help reap the following benefits-

  • The website will have more traffic.
  • More traffic will enable the owner of the website to advertise to earn money.
  • The more popular the website the more opportunities will open for collaborations with other websites.
  • SEO is a very low cost.
  • The credibility of the website increases among the users.
  • SEO will provide an edge in competing among other websites.
  • SEO will force the owner to enforce more security on the website.
  • The website’s user experience increases.
  • The website will be optimized for next-generation technology i.e. mobile users.
  • The website’s good ranking will be permanent and it will only grow and not the other way around.

In this era of the Internet and information being readily available at the tip of our fingers, it is important to know how to stay relevant while still maintaining credibility with the users. While clicks do play an integral role in the relevancy of a brand, care should be taken that the primary objective remains to deliver good content to the users. The following arguments are enough to convince anyone about the importance of SEO and will encourage people to take a leap into the bright future by embracing new techniques and let their voice be heard in this vast world of the internet. SEO is a new way forward to reach the top.

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