Why Images Matter For SEO

Why Images Matter For SEO
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You’re probably wondering why we always encourage our readers to optimize images on their websites. Chances are, you already have a website filled with images. Here are three reasons why images matter for SEO. 

1. Fast Load Speed

If the SEO images on your website load fast, then SEO analyzers on the web will rank your website higher. This is because of the fast page load. In addition, your site visitors will be happy to continue browsing through the site. 

2. Clarify Topics

Hooray, you’ve written a blog post! However, if you are afraid that readers might not understand some points, then consider adding an SEO image or two to help drive the point forward. Your readers will appreciate you thinking one step ahead for them.

3. Eye-catching

Perhaps you’ve written a post, but sometimes text alone isn’t enough to attract visitors. Instead, add an SEO image that will draw your visitors’ attention. They will help them visualize your content better as well. 

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