3 parts of your website that you can redesign now

Website Parts Redesign
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Do you wonder what parts of your website you can redesign? Here are three parts of your website that we think would benefit your online business if you updated. 

1. Homepage

Your homepage of your website is like the welcome mat of your house. Both have one purpose: to welcome guests. Create a creative, simple homepage that welcomes visitors instead of pushing them away. You’ll be surprised to see how many more purchases you receive because of this one design tip.

2. Checkout Page

If you have a plugin that automatically sets up your checkout pages, then this may not apply to you. However, if you are allowed to design your own checkout page, then make it easier to navigate and simple to use. Your customers will appreciate the simplicity of the shopping process and might even make more purchases along the way.

3. Contact Page

If your site already has a contact page, then consider making it even better by redesigning it. You can include maps with your physical location, more phone numbers, and more specific emails. Perhaps even add a live chat option. Your customers will be glad that they can reach you so easily. 

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