When is the best time to publish new content on your website?

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Kissmetrics reported that almost 50% of the U.S. population is in the Eastern time zone. 80% is across both Eastern and Central time zones. Many SEO firms claim that there is a science to social timing. However, there are various answers for the best time to publish new content.

New content consist of blog posts and social media posts. Most agree that Monday at 11am seems to be the best time to publish new content. According to Bluleadz, high traffic peaks around 7 to 9am in the morning. In the afternoon, 12 to 2pm are also good times to publish. 4 to 6pm after work are another window. 

Additionally, keep in mind two general rules of thumb. Publish constantly and originally. Your site visitors will appreciate daily over monthly posts, and will value your creativity as a brand. 

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