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About this project:

In our zestful last 20 years, we have worked on multiple projects for clients with different professional engagements. One of our recent projects was in alliance with a client from Astoria, Queens, NY.

The customer was specifically looking for a web portal that will allow them to expand awareness about their inventory and services. The client required a website to showcase their property inventory and attract potential buyers.

Requirement of this client:

The client desired to have an advanced e-commerce platform with features that are easy to use, have the capability to attract potential customers, and handle the traffic. Other specific requirements include:

  • User friendly: The client required his website to be user-friendly. User-friendliness is the key to the success of any website. If the website is not easy to use, it would never fulfil its purpose.
  • Business experience: To write a brief but attractive description about the business history to spread awareness and confidence amongst the potential customers.
  • Product categorization: To categorize the inventory page separately so that customers can easily reach the page according to their requirement. That includes which type of property that customer is looking for, for example, commercial, residential, rental, or purchase.
  • Responsiveness: The client wanted the website to be responsive and easy to use on mobile too as nowadays, most of the people use a mobile phone when searching on the internet.
  • Sold inventories: The client wanted to display the properties sold through them. This would create confidence and increase trust in the client.


Work done by Us on this project:


Some of the work done by our expert team of professionals includes:


  • Developed a PHP / MySQL responsive e-commerce site that can filter products according to search.
  • Developed an SEO-friendly homepage so that the potential customer can land on the website based on his search.
  • Created a PHP contact form. That makes it easy to know about the customer
  • Created all pages that are essential for the website to function properly. That includes pages of About Us, Contact Us, Products, etc.
  • Created display of product sold category.
  • Created a separate page for news about the business.
  • Integrated social media such as Facebook, and an Instagram feed.

Do you also want to work with us?

These are some nominal things we require:

  • Information about your business
  • Target audience
  • Business card and logo
  • Color theme preference
  • Important features that you want to include
  • Specific content that you want to be on your website
  • Our favorite CMS in WordPress but can use other platforms also as per your requirement.
  • Website of your competitor. To understand what exactly you are looking for.
  • Your logo


If you are looking for a reliable and expert in web development with the best customer support, then we are exactly what you are searching for. We will be more than happy and oblige to face new challenges and tasks given by you. Do not hesitate to give us a try. Give us a call whenever you are free and the next thing we will be working upon, will be on your new website.

your new website is just a call away


Thank you

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