3 Web Design Tips for your Homepage

3 Web Design Tips for your Homepage
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If you have a website, then you are probably wondering what you can do to boost the aesthetic of your homepage. Here are three tips that apply to all websites. 

1. Have one large image

Displaying a single image on your homepage can be eye-catching and aesthetic. Choose an image that conveys your brand’s message. It should also burst with the theme color of your overall site, matching with text and menu icons. 

2. Use columns

Laying out your pages to have columns helps site visitors read content easier. In addition, the columns can organize your content. Your visitors will appreciate how simple your site is to read through columns. Some examples include two or three columns, rather than a single page. 

3. Use minimal text

Site visitors tend to enjoy less text and more visuals. Otherwise, they would opt out of digital technology and go print instead. To take advantage of this, see if you could cut out any text and put in a visual instead to prove your point.

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