4 Types of Scrolling in Web Design

Web Design Scrolling
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Web development is filled with aesthetics, ranging from text arrangement to scrolling. These scrolling types include Long-Scrolling, Fixed Long-Scrolling, Infinite Scrolling and Parallax Scrolling. Today, we’re running through the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best decision for which one to use on your website. 

1. Long-Scrolling

Long-scrolling comes in handy if you want to page a single page with seamless content. Users will find that a single-scroll page could be very easy to navigate. However, studies have shown that multiple pages tend to do better for SEO. Therefore, only go for long-scrolling if you don’t have much content to show. 

2. Fixed Long-Scrolling

Fixed long-scrolling combines both a static page and scrolling page. This is the optimal choice for websites that don’t want to create multiple pages, but that still don’t have great SEO rankings. A tip: make sure that your content is easily accessible no matter which scrolling option you choose to use.

3. Infinite Scrolling

Social media sites are famous for using infinite scrolling. Using this option, sites consist of a single page where users can scroll down for new content. If your site is a primarily blog or post site, then this scrolling technique could be the perfect choice. 

3. Parallax Scrolling

Finally, parallax scrolling provides a sense of visual depth. Users who use a parallax scrolling site can move their cursors, which will shift the screen to reveal another part of the page. This can be an extremely powerful visual technique if your site is visually-based. Tailor which scrolling option you choose to your customers’ need.

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