3 Questions to Ask When User Testing for SEO

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Web developers often like to use the term user testing to describe conducting surveys on site visitors. These tests, sometimes conducted through video or monitored in-person, help a company gauge whether their site is simple, aesthetically-pleasing and efficient. Here are three questions that you should ask your subjects when conducting such polls. 

1. Is this site visually appealing? 

Some sites pay more attention to aesthetic details than others. Reddit, for example, does not put much effort into its design while a company such as Apple makes sure that their site looks visually pleasing. While every consumer’s design preferences differ, polls should gauge whether the consumer enjoyed the visual experience of navigating the page. 

2. Is this site simple to navigate? 

Speaking of navigating the page, UX is also an important feature that should be tested. User experience is crucial to making a website experience appear sleek and simple. Items such as blog posts, archives and menus should be easy to find and work around.

3. Does this site drive you to make a purchase? 

Conducting business is all about convincing the other party to make a purchase. Therefore, the most important question you could ask a survey subject is whether the shopping experience drove them to want to purchase a product or service from the company. While each consumer has different needs and wants, the overall experience should have the same goal.

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