Top Tips for YouTube SEO

Top Tips for YouTube SEO
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Do you run a YouTube channel? Perhaps you’ve been publishing content recently. If this is the case, then read these top three tips for boosting your channel’s SEO.┬á

1. Encourage subscribers

YouTube users are more likely to subscribing to channels that already have subscribers. The reason is because channels with many subscribers are proven to be publishing enjoyable, constant content. At the end of each video, by word-of-mouth or on your website, encourage your fans to subscribe to your channel. 

2. Use eye-catching thumbnails

Users are constantly bombarded with YouTube suggestions about which videos that they should watch. If you want to stand out among other videos, then be sure to create thumbnails (small cover images) that are eye-catching. In addition, they should be easy to read/see so users can make the choice between your video and another’s.

3. Encourage comments

Similar to the first tip, you should encourage your viewers to comment on your videos. This not only helps boost your site SEO ranking, but also builds a community for your viewers. This will prompt discussion and debate that will give you more ideas for your next video content.

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