Tips for Online Magazines

Tips for Online Magazines
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Are you thinking about running an online magazine? Or perhaps you’ve already started one and are looking for ways to make it better. Here are three tips for your online magazine.

1. Make the menu simple

Online magazine readers want to be able to access your magazine easily. This is why you should make it as simple as possible, starting with the menu. Don’t forget to add Contact and About pages to make your content appear more relatable.

2. Create an archive

If you have many issues already on your online magazine, then don’t make it hard for your readers to find. Instead, create a menu item called Archive, where readers can look for past issues. They will appreciate this simplicity of access.

3. Add social media icons

If you own an online magazine, don’t forget to create social media accounts to connect with your readers. Add icons that link to your accounts in the footer of your online magazine site to attract new followers.

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