The Strong Impact of Social Media on Healthcare and Beauty Industry

The Strong Impact of Social Media on Healthcare and Beauty Industry
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It won’t be unjust to say that social media marketing has become essential for every big and small business. Moreover, a business can’t get its desired results unless it establishes its strong social media presence. The time has gone when Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, and other leading social media platforms were used for only friends and family. Today, they all are playing a great role for all kinds of businesses.

According to a survey, social media investments across the world may reach up to 48 billion U.S dollars by 2021. Moreover, the United States holds the biggest share in the market with its more than 15 billion U.S dollars. In this scenario, SMM is important for all kinds of businesses; whether an e-commerce store or a healthcare institution.

The Impact of Technology on Healthcare Industry

Like all other areas of work, the healthcare industry has got a lot of changes because of the latest technologies. Unlike past, it has become easier and faster to diagnose a disease in a person and cure it. The availability of information and improvised communication are also some of the meaningful benefits social media.

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Social Media and Healthcare/Beauty Industries

Real-Time Engagement

social media real time engaegmentThere isn’t any doubt that healthcare and beauty social media marketing has provided endless benefits to the industry. Today, you will find all the top-notch and small brands promoting their products on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. They do this because their marketers actually know the importance of these platforms.

One of the most valuable benefits of social media is real-time engagement with people. Social networks have made it possible for healthcare and beauty product social marketers to have more meaningful and deeper discussions with their patients or customers. Today, a doctor can easily understand the personality and psyche of his patients through his social activities. This sort of analysis help doctors become personal with their patients and cure them in a better way.

Real-time engagement is extremely beneficial because it has made it possible to communicate and engage with anyone anywhere and anytime. Moreover, beauty product users now can easily discuss the brand with other users on different social forums and review platforms.

In healthcare, hospitals and other institutions have made their own social accounts where they keep on sharing tips and remedies about different diseases. They also take services of healthcare social media marketing firms to run their accounts. Patients find it quite beneficial to read those tips directly by their doctors.

Global Outreach in No Time

social media global outreachThe best thing about social media is that it has become the leading media and it takes only a few seconds for a new or video to get viral across the world through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. There are many actors, singers, and comedians across the world, who have become world-famous just because of social media.

Considering thing, the key to successful social marketing of your healthcare or beauty product is in your hands and you need to hook the bait is a smart and effective manner. The traffic on the top social networks is huge and you simply can’t miss any chance to attract that traffic towards your health and beauty products.

During some recent years, viral marketing has also become one of the top marketing strategies and brands that strive to promote their products or services in such a way that they can become viral on social media. The industries like healthcare and beauty can also avail the benefits of viral marketing because the whole world cares about health and beauty.

Irrespective of any age, gender, city, or country, people use healthcare and beauty products because they happen to be a part of their daily life. In this scenario, if a product has got something new and unique for people, there are more chances for it to become viral on social media.

Fun and Wellness together

social-media-fun-and-wellnessSocial media has indeed effectively transformed the serious topic of wellness into a lot more fun. It’s a great impact this particular industry has got during some recent years. Though healthcare and beauty happen to be serious, it doesn’t mean that people should also remain gloom and doom.

In this modern world, most of healthcare social media campaigns also include a little fun in order to please the target audience. It is because the patients may not dread using these products or visiting medical doctors. Moreover, organization and marketers are also making the most of different cartoons, surveys, and interesting activities in order to engage more and more people.

Here ReachAboveMedia, our professional healthcare web developers design and develop a website and also put options for competitions, quizzes, and dares so that the brand can effectively engage the users through them. All the healthcare websites that we have designed have got enough features to make sure the adequate engagement of their users.

If you look around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, and other social platforms, you will find that there were many successful campaigns. the campaigns that went viral just because they also had fun and an interesting moral. There are different healthcare social marketing techniques that you can go through in order to promote your brand to a greater extent.

The Impact of Social Media on Patients

According to the Medical Care Blog, there has been both positive and negative impact of social media on patients. In detail, a patient now can get first-hand knowledge and information about different diseases and their cures. There is also a negative impact because the reliability of the information we get from social media remains doubtful.

Patients do go through the text-based messages and videos shared on social media platforms and they also implement on the tips that are given into them. Moreover, this mainstream media has effectively helped patients build an empowered and engaged social community where quality and reliable information related to health and beauty could be shared.

The trend of patients coming as influencers on social media has also got pace as more and more patients are sharing their messages and videos on Facebook, Youtube, and other social platforms.  People who are suffering from different chronic diseases share the insights of their conditions and become an influencer for others. Many patients also share their bills and expenses in videos in order to ask for financial help from other social media users.

Impact of Social Media on Doctors and Beauty Experts

Just like patients, social media has also impacted the work style of doctors and beauty experts across the world. Today, these providers make full use of all the social platforms in order to promote their products or services and to educate people regarding different health and beauty conditions. Moreover, it has become a perfect networking and information sharing tool for professionals.

Doctors give tips for better health while beauty experts guide people on how to look beautiful and sensational. Both the providers make full use of social media in order to facilitate their patients or customers.

The improvised communication between the relationship between doctors and patients is also because of social media marketing in healthcare. Today, a doctor can remain in touch with patients even outside of office setting. Moreover, the reviewing platforms like Yelp and others have brought a great opportunity for doctors maintain a good online profile.

Some Dangers of Social Media for Healthcare

Like its infinite benefits, social media also has some dangers that both professionals and patients should be aware of. Some of the most common social media dangers include:

Lack of Quality and Reliability

Almost half of everything that is shared on social media lacks in quality and credibility. Most of the articles and researches published online are conducted by non-medical writers and researchers. Considering this, it can be dangerous for a patient to and read and follow these kinds of online platforms.

Can you rely on just an individual patient’s story regarding the use of a particular medicine? Can you use that medicine too without any report or your doctor’s advice? This happens on social media that people read blogs and watch videos of other patients and start using the same medicines.

Damage to Doctors or Institutions

Social media can also damage the personality or reputation of doctors and institutions. It conveys the views and first-hand experiences of people. But, any bad review by an individual regarding a doctor, health institution, or beauty expert can precisely damage its reputation. On social media, people don’t see whether the person who is complaining is on the right side or not. Rather, the damage goes to the doctor, beauty expert, or an institution.

The Use of Social Media by Healthcare Institutions

In today’s modern world, people like to interact with businesses that speak a human voice. Most importantly, when the business is related to health or beauty, the importance of social media gets double. Studies show that hospitals have constantly been approaching different healthcare website developers and designers. Along with this, they are also using social media marketing services in order to interact with people socially.

Have a quick look at different types of social media healthcare and beauty experts are using:


There are thousands of blogs related to health and beauty on Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress, and other leading blogging websites. On the blogs, they publish regular posts in reverse chronological order in which you can find the most recent post on top.


Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and there are many other microblogging sites that are similar to blogging but allow a shorter length of the posts. For example, Twitter allows only 140 characters in a single tweet. This is the reason that these types of blogging sites come in the category of microblogging.

Social Network Sites

You know Facebook, Linkedin, and other social networking sites very well. These are the platforms that are used to share personal updates, links of external content, and also for photos and videos.

Multimedia Sharing Sites

Youtube, Flicker, Dailymotion, are some of the top multimedia sharing sites that are used across the world. These websites allow sharing of photos and videos. Moreover, the photos and videos can also be linked to other social platforms.

Social Media and Health/Beauty Brand Authority

Establishing a potential brand authority happens to be one of the top priorities on any business. It’s good that you are running a healthcare institution or an online store of beauty products. However, you need to build a strong brand identity in your target market in order to achieve your desired results.

The face-to-face interaction through social media has also brought lots of changes in the fields of healthcare and beauty. Moreover, doctors, physicians, beauty experts are making the most of the opportunity of social platforms. They are creating their official profile and get social media marketing done for them.


There has been a great impact of social media on healthcare, beauty, fashion, and other similar fields. Moreover, social media marketing for healthcare is important because it’s a great way to stand out in the high competition.

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