The Process of SEO

SEO Process
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SEO is a 7-process system which includes the following processes:

Research and analysis: To make the webpage look more analytical and logical we have to add more facts and data. This can be done through research. Research can be through books, other articles, etc. and finally a full analysis of the data is done and added wherever necessary.

Identifying keywords opportunities: To make the website appear in top searches we need to find the keywords which the user generally searches on the search engine. By this approach, we can increase the viewers of the website.

On-site coding and implementation: It refers to all the steps which we can take directly within the website to raise its rankings on the search engine.

Copywriting and implementation: We should have the habit of giving copy write rights to our files otherwise someone else can easily copy the information and make his website.

Speed and site performance: Maintaining a good speed is very important as at times a person gets irritated.

Marketing and line building: No matter how creative and informative we make our website without marketing; it will never become most searched. It involves creating and distributing precious, valid and updated content to attract an audience — with the motive of making profitable customer action.

Ranking report and tracking: We should always try to improve and try to a higher rank.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

Below are some of the benefits of SEO techniques:

Brings more customers: SEO-optimized websites work faster, are easy to read and surf. Websites that navigate faster are more likely to attract the readers or visitors and they’re more likely to become your regular customers.

More opportunities: Most of the online activity proceeds with the search engine. So the website can find more opportunities for rising through SEO.

Build brand awareness: If a website comes in the top of a search engine more people start using it. The more people start using it, the more its fame starts building up. Thus it starts becoming a brand.

  • SEO is a very cheap technique. After acquiring good ranking, it doesn’t even require advertisements to function. It starts pulling more traffic to its sites.
  • SEO is a long-term planning and brings continuous profit. Most of the people believe in search engines and hence good rankings in search engines help in building up trust within people.
  • SEO can be a great deal of help to a small businessman who is always trying to find cheaper ways to promote their business.
  • SEO is measurable. We can easily find the rankings and find ways to improve the website.
  • SEO helps a person to build up his contacts and start making him more famous by the growing popularity of the website.

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