The Future of the U.S’ E-commerce in 2019

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It’s true that e-commerce sector has brought a tremendous evolution in the world of shopping and the trend of online shopping has brought every business (from across the world) to the digital industry. Considering the huge online market, every day a new business starts to swim in this flooded market. Amazon, eBay, and there are plenty of other online stores that have made the U.S one of the biggest e-commerce markets across the world.

At this point, you may think that it’s the end. But, it will go beyond your thoughts. Here are some solid points regarding 2019 and future years that will bring more opportunities for this particular industry:

How E-commerce will lead in 2019?

Well, according a report by, the e-commerce sales in the U.S will reach to $560,000 million or may by higher. And, it may reach to $700,000 million by 2022.  Won’t this attract more online retailers to have some more successful online businesses? The answer is YES.

These are just the statistics of the U.S and you can think of the giant e-commerce industry of China. In short, every country over this globe will experience a huge increment in both their local and international online markets. The reasons for the increment will be the same as there were in the two previous years; technology and easiness in buying online. Who will prefer to go to a shop and waste his hours in traffic to reach there? When you can have everything at your doorsteps at your fingertips, there is no one who won’t love it.

How Amazon is leading from the front?

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the U.S and the majority of Americans prefer this platform for online shopping. A report by CNBC is predicting that Amazon is going to take almost 50% e-commerce market in the U.S. The report is also endorsed by eMarketer that is considered a reliable platform when it comes to Amazon sales. Now you can imagine how big Amazon is.

What are the successful e-commerce industries in the U.S so far?

Well, it depends on the audience. Beauty products have successfully gained the attention of women and they believe that online beauty stores offer more opportunities to enhance their beauty. The automotive industry is famous in both men and women. Motor stores and part shops are providing quite pleasant experience to its audience and it is expected that this industry is going to lead the U.S market in the upcoming years. Other industries like Pet Care and Jewelry are also contributing a lot to the e-commerce industry of the U.S.

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