Top 5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Logo

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Have you gone through the latest marketing tactics? Are you still running your business with old-fashioned things? Do you have the same logo of your business that you had five years ago? If yes, read the following content that portrays the top 5 signs about the need of a new logo. Read them and give your business a new logo to increase both your brand awareness and sales.

1st Sign – Doesn’t Fit to Different Screen Sizes

If your existing visual identity doesn’t fit to all the screen sizes, it is the time for you to come with a new design that can fit to all the screen sizes. The time of PCs has ended now and people now use smartphones, tablets, and other advanced devices to do their official and personal works. So, to get the attention of a large audience, you need to give your business such a logo that can fit to all the screen sizes. If your logo looks perfect on smartphones, but stretches out on laptop screen, you better change it because you may lose your audience from there. You must be thinking that how come you can lose your audience just because of the logo. Yes, it is true because people look to create business relations with professional organizations and a perfect visual identity plays a greater role in giving an organization a professional look.

2nd Sign – When Logo Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

Your logo is actually your brand identity. The more the visual identity reflects your brand, the stronger brand identity you will have in your target market. If you haven’t got the best logo design service, you may face this issue that your logo fails to reflect your brand image, resulting your poor brand identity.

It may also happen that you have changed or upgraded your business operations and the old logo doesn’t suit your new operations anymore. If this is the case, you must get a new logo as soon as possible to get your desired results in your new business operations.

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3rd Sign – Doesn’t have a Unique Font

Having a unique font is one of the most important aspects that must be found in your business logo. If your logo has a generic font like Arial or Calibri, you better change it now as it will also keep your business as generic and won’t make your unique identity in the market. If you read the successful stories of some of the most successful businesses around the world, you will find one thing common in all, and this is their unique business identity in their respective markets.

There is indeed a potential in the psychology of fonts for a logo design. It is also a way to effectively communicate with your audience and make them know about your company, products, or services. So, if your logo doesn’t have a unique font that can send your message to your audience, it is the sign to get a new one.

4th Sign – Doesn’t have a Unique Graphic or Mark

Believe it or not, a special mark or graphic in a logo plays a huge role in transforming a small business into a giant corporation. Have you seen the logo of Nike? Do you know the importance of that “swoosh” in its visual identity that represents speed? These are many other logos like Nike that have some special graphic or mark in their logo. The marks say about your products or service and create your strong brand identity. You need to remember this thing that your visual identity is not your not your brand, but it’s your identity. This identity penetrates in the mind of your customers and makes them remember your brand forever. Having a mark in it, the visual identity will not only create your brand identity, but will also help you in making permanent customers. You can get through a number of brands and see their logo to get a unique idea for your business. If you really succeed in getting a perfect logo for your brand, nobody will be there to stop you to become one of the successful entrepreneurs.

5th Sign – Doesn’t Tell a Story

A perfect visual identity is one that tells the story of a brand. When you will see the logos of some of the famous brands, you will read different stories that they portray. For example, if you see the new visual identity of Apple, you will realize that apple has been eaten. This shows that the founder and the great innovator, Steve Jobs is no more in this world. The visual identity of Nike portrays a story of speed and running. In short, every visual identity has something to say to its audience. Just see your current logo and if you find it telling no story, it is the sign to get a new one.

Consequently, if you find any of these signs in your logo, it is the high time for you to get a new one as you can’t afford to go on with it. A logo is small in size, but its impact is quite large and this small graphical identity has made plenty of brands stand in the list of the world’s leading brands.

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