So…What the Heck is Bootstrap?

So...What the Heck is Bootstrap?
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Bootstrap is a prime example of intrapreneurial spirit. For a long time, Twitter’s engineering team had been unable to collaborate efficiently because of its unstructured design process. In 2011, then-Twitter engineers Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton decided to solve this problem by creating Bootstrap. They introduced it to the engineers at Twitter and it sparked a new and efficient engineering team. Mark and Jacob, wanting to share this new tool with the world, released the Bootstrap framework on Github, deeming it an open-source project available to all developers and designers.

Simply put, Bootstrap is a collection of customizable web elements compatible with various other scripts. defines itself as “the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.”

Bootstrap, in essence, is a compressed CSS file with various components available at the coder’s fingertips. These include a grid system, icons, typography, buttons, forms, navigation bars, and are responsive across all devices.

Here’s an example of a website without Bootstrap:

reach above media

And here’s an example with Bootstrap:

reach above media

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