How an effective slogan can boost your website’s SEO

Slogan Boost Website SEO
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In a recent post we mentioned how today’s customers want both high-quality products as well as association with a positive brand. Ask any customer on the street and they will be able to name several dozen slogans, since those businesses have put so much effort into forming a positive reputation and memorable campaign. Here are three ways that an effective slogan can boost your website’s SEO. 

1. It Builds Your Brand’s Reputation

If your campaign message supports a cause that your employees are truly passionate about, then you are in luck. Customers will be able to see how genuinely you care about your brand campaign and will try to support you in every way. Some examples: Make a Wish Foundation, environmental causes, or social justice campaigns. Just be sure to choice a cause that is true to your brand. 

2. It is Relatable

Insurance companies always have the most relatable slogans. This is due to their need to find customers who always find themselves in dire situations. Even if you aren’t an insurance company, picking a slogan that is relatable to your target demographic can be highly beneficial for your overall SEO. 

3. It is Memorable

Campaign slogans such as Geico’s “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” or Apple’s “Think different” are not only easy to relate to, but easy to remember also. Put in some creativity into crafting an original campaign slogan, and you might be surprised by the results. Bonus tip: Shopify’s Business Slogan Generator can help you with the process. 

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