What are SEO Topic Clusters?

SEO Topic Clusters
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If you’ve been studying SEO, chances are you’ve come across the term topic clusters sometime before. Today, we’ll give you a definition, how to use it, and reasons why it will help to boost your SEO. 

1. What is a topic cluster? 

Topic clusters are a series of linked articles or posts relating to one category. They build interlinked pages so that users can navigate your site more easily. In addition, they can greatly benefit your site’s SEO. 

2. How to cluster topics

This is easier on some content management systems than others. For example, on WordPress, you can select the Category function when publishing a post. This will connect all related topics under one category. In Squarespace, the simple drag and drop feature will allow you to categorize associated pages. 

3. Benefits of Topic Clusters

Topic clusters can help your website in several ways. By linking pages that are related to each other, this helps your website’s user experience. Customers will enjoy the experience of being able to navigate your site easily. In addition, you will be able to manage your site in the backend easily, since you know where all the pages belong in each category.  

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