SEO Tips to Outrank Your Competitors

SEO Tips to Outrank Your Competitors
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Today’s business landscape is more competitive than ever, especially with the addition of technology. But no need to worry, as here are three SEO tips for you to outrank your competitors.   

1. Research your competitors’ keywords

If you and your competitor both value SEO for your websites, then chances are your competitor already has a few keywords up their sleeve. Therefore, take a look at their keywords and put a unique spin on them. 

2. Research your target audience

Your target demographic should be your priority at all your business decisions. Have an SEO tool set up to analyze your pages, and tailor content for your audience.

3. Start a social media page

Your competitor might not have a social media page yet. To increase your site’s chance of getting traffic, consider starting an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page to increase visibility. Be sure to post content that is both creative and constant.

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