SEO Tips for Podcasts

SEO Podcast Tips
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If your business or online entertainment service has a podcast, chances are you are trying to find ways to increase your audience. Therefore, SEO tips for podcasts will come in handy. Here are three tips to help you increase your podcast’s visibility.

1. Choose a catchy title

A catchy title not only applies to your podcast’s name, but also each of your podcast’s episodes. For example, consider these two podcast episode names on the same topic: “Tips to increase your website’s SEO” or “Need to increase your website’s SEO? Here are some tips and tricks”. Which would you rather pick? Of course, you must tailor your titles to your demographics as well, so keep your audience in mind. 

2. Optimize your RSS feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it helps syncs your podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and other podcast platforms. Users who subscribe to these platforms will then receive your new synced episodes each time a new one releases. This will help you attract more audience members from different parts of the web. 

3. Use YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing search engine in itself. Therefore, you should experiment with uploading parts of your podcast to YouTube. Like the last example, this will also help you attract more users from all types of platforms. 

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