3 SEO Tips for Voice Search

3 SEO Tips for Voice Search
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SEO is enough of a challenge, with so many competitors out there in the digital landscape. To add oil to the fire, there are numerous options for SEO search, which can be confusing especially for beginner marketers. However, there’s no need to worry. Today, we’re giving you three tips for one of the possible options: voice search. 

1. Choose Simple Keywords

Voice search can be a challenge for users trying to look for niche services or products. if these have long complicated names, then it makes it harder for the search function to process. Therefore, try to choose keywords with short syllables so that users don’t have to make a great effort trying to search for your site.

2. Create a Site Map

Your website’s map is how search engines such as Google and Bing will recognize keyword phrases and their relevance to anyone’s search. While creating new pages with regards to your site, find the keywords you’re choosing and and how this would rival what people are trying to find online. Should your site map is clean and arranged, Google will instantly recommend your web blog.

3. Create a Snippet

Snippets are usually under 50 words. Google’s search engine displays them as text descriptions that give information about the website, helping users decide whether or not to click into the site. Using the snippet strategy, choose keywords and write a description that is both simple and that conveys your brand identity.

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