SEO Tips for Sports Websites

SEO Tips for Sports Websites
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We’ve gone over how to optimize your entertainment, blog and education websites. Today, we’re going over similar tips, except these are for sports websites. Whether you run a sports entertainment or news website, these tips might apply to your site.

1. Vary your content

Sports fans love seeing a variety of content. These can be images, videos or blogs. Just be sure that the content related to your sports entertainment or news. You might want to include a poll to find out what your users like viewing the most. 

2. Include social media links

Second, sports fan also enjoy using social media to follow their favorite sports teams and athletes. Consider creating a social media page or multiple pages for your site. Be sure to link back to your site through a URL in the biography. 

3. Make your site responsive

Finally, sports fan love using their phones to stay updated on sports news. Therefore, create a responsive site that will adapt to all types of devices.

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