Tips for Choosing an SEO-Friendly Blog Post Title

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Every post must have a great title in order to attract viewers. This is why so many marketing teams put so much effort into making sure their post titles are spot-on. Here are some tips we have for you when choosing your post titles. 

1. Look on Social Media

Social media is a great resource for gauging people’s current interests. By performing a quick hashtag of the day search, you could easily find some keywords that pop out. These keywords can be included in your blog post title along with other words.  

2. Use Blog Post Title Generators

These generators are simple to use and produce great results. Hubspot, and all have awesome post title generators. Also, their UX is on point, so you will enjoy the experience of using their free tools. 

3. Ask Around

Before you publish a post, you might want to conduct a small survey among friends and family. You could compare two blog post titles and ask them which one they would rather read. There are also paid readers who would help you determine which post title to pick. 

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