What is SEO Page Cloaking? (And Why You Should Avoid It)

What is SEO Page Cloaking? (And Why You Should Avoid It)
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There are many ways to use search engine optimization to enhance your website’s visibility. While some of these are white hat techniques, other times they can be used to mislead customers into visiting your site. Today, we’re breaking down one of these strategies along with some reasons why you should avoid them.

What is Page Cloaking?

Put simply, page cloaking is a method of spamming site users. It describes a site using keywords that are different from the actual content on the site. Think of the way clickbait works: it draws your attention with an attractive-sounding article, then happens to be something completely different. This is the same with page cloaking.

Why should you avoid it?

While page cloaking might get you a higher ranking on search engines, there is a catch. Since this is a black hat SEO technique, search engines could blacklist you. If your site is banned from the search engine altogether, then it would not have been worth the price. We recommend that you steer clear of this cloaking technique by displaying content in an accurate manner.

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