Three Major Components of SEO

SEO Components
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There are three major components of SEO that we will be discussing today.

The quality of traffic- many people visit websites because they pop up on the Google webpage as a result of any particular search. Such traffic is not loyal traffic of a website and therefore, it is mainly the aim of the websites to target and brings in traffic who are genuinely interested in their web content.

Quantity of traffic- the moment the quality of traffic is determined; it is easier to bring in more traffic through search engine results pages.

Advertisements- ads play a major role in developing the quality and increasing the quantity of traffic. Ads also form an important part of the search engine results page which fetches for unpaid traffic often termed as organic traffic.


Over the years SEO has been a very important investment in business ventures so much so that now it forms an important part of business strategy.

SEO benefits are far plenty out which the most prominent and well-known ones are as follows.

Attracts quality traffic

Out of the millions of searches carried out over the internet every second, SEO helps the traffic to get directed to the website which can actually serve their purpose. Therefore, it is a two-way street where the traffic gets whatever he/she exactly needs and the website gets loyal traffic.

No advertisement cost

If the SEO standings are strong, then the website does not have to spend or invest in advertisements in order to increase the quantity of traffic. This helps the company to invest the money in other important aspects to strengthen the business.

Far planned strategy

One of the most well-known of the SEO benefits is its long or far planed strategy where it takes several months for a website to move up to an optimal position but once it does, the position of the website seldom goes down and therefore the website enjoys a stable position for a very long time.

Increased website referrals

SEO benefits also include an increased website referral because the regular website visitors would refer to the website whenever they want something that the website offers and also shares it among their friends which increase the quantity of traffic in a website.

Features of SEO

There are various features of SEO which are given below:

First Search, First Serve

Since search engine results are prompted by people actively seeking the services and are ready to avail these services, this is one of the easiest methods of procuring potential customers. SEO generates higher website traffic and also provides more willing customers. The online competition runs on the basis of visibility. Whether it be by ads, sponsoring, or SEO, the process of attracting customers online relies heavily on making sure that the people see and visit their website. 60% of clicks after a search query are on the first result that appears. This means that the top search draws in 60% of the potential customers while its competitors with lower SEO attract among the remaining 40% of customers.

The higher payoff at lower costs

SEO demands a website designed in such a way that it includes the most frequently searched keywords on a particular topic. This more relevant the website’s content is to the search query, the higher the chances that the web crawler gives it a higher priority, and the higher it appears in the search results. This optimization of the website is much cheaper than the expenses incurred in advertising and will attract more customers.

Ease of securing customers

People place a lot of trust in the web search results and believe them to be the best options they have. The credibility of the search engine that the people believe in translates directly to the trust placed in the top search results delivered by the search engine. Most customers click on the very first search result that pops up, and hardly anyone checks the second page of results. Since the prospective customers have a lot of trust in this first search result, they are often easier to convince to avail the website’s services.

Long-term maximization

Adding to the extensive list of benefits of SEO, it also doesn’t have a fixed time-frame after which its upkeep has to be revamped. It is a simple solution which once attained, requires little effort to maintain. Unlike advertising, which constantly needs new and innovative ideas and runs for only a short amount of time, SEO works on the same basis of keyword relevance and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance once attained.

SEO integration with other mechanismsThe benefits of SEO restricted to SEO in its isolation and has actually been pushed forward with the help of various other technologies. The development of AI significantly helps the progress of SEO. Since information is filtered and presented to the searcher through the AI mechanism of web crawlers, the recent developments in AI reduce the load on the marketer in presenting the content to the target audience. Another integration mechanism is advertisements. While ads are the next best alternatives to SEO, the ultimate marketing strategy is targeted advertisements based on certain keywords. This can be observed in most search engines- advertisements of services and products related to the query keyword are shown at the top.

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