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SEO Advantages
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What’s a website which isn’t visited? What’s a URL which isn’t searched? In today’s cut-throat competition of .com’s and .in, pouring your knowledge out on your webpage or blog just isn’t enough to get the curious visitors clicking. And it is this very problem where a solution called SEO appears. SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is the process by which one can increase the traffic on their websites and improve their ranking. These small techniques can go a long way in improving the performance of your website. Search Engine Optimisation or the SEO is a measure taken into account to curb the problem of low outreach of the website by considerably helping in the up-liftmen in the quality and the quantity of traffic generated on a website hence increasing the visibility of the web page to users of a certain search engine. SEO targets the desired audience in certain ways with the help of image, video, academic, news and industry oriented vertical search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO Search Engine Optimization is the way of gaining more traffic for your website instead of dealing with various paid advertisement. When we enter a query in any search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo! we see a number of websites based on our query result and there is a certain website that is on top of others. All the search engine have a prime search result and local listing of the websites based on the query of the user. The superior ranking of certain websites is because of the strong marketing technique known as SEO. SEO has proved to be more effective than the traditional method as the user is searching for something and he receives the result. User is not exposed to that information that he doesn’t need. The popularity of traditional method like passing flyers, advertising on radio and television is decreasing rapidly and SEO marketing tools stand on the throne to rule over the empire. The use of SEO online marketing tool will ensure more user-friendly website, SEO will help you to craft quicker and it will certainly develop short as well as long term profits. If we take the example of a search engine like google which has lots of quality ratters that analyse, rate and evaluate the ranking of websites and pages. Which surely reflect that Google takes good interesting showing relevant and trustworthy content to it’s the user. SEO on the same note is providing trust and credibility to the website that will surely be a strong indicator for search engine like google.

Terms related to the technique

There are various terms which are related to the technique which are given below,

  1. Know the Keywords

Keywords are words around which the whole content revolves. You can easily figure out the keywords by thinking of the exact words the user would be typing in the search panel in order to get whatever knowledge you are providing through your webpage. For example, the person looking for measures to lose weight is most likely to type “weight loss” or “how to lose weight?” Hence the keyword is ‘weight’.

  1. The title and the meta tag

It is the most natural SEO technique to make sure that the title includes the keywords. Including numbers in the title makes them more impactful. Brackets and parenthesis also attract the user’s attention. The meta description is the small detail that appears beneath the title of the webpage on the search results page. The more the keywords in this description the better it is.

  1. Don’t ignore the URL

The URL of your webpage must contain the keywords. Keeping the URL short and crisp also helps a great deal in easing user experience.

  1. Strategic content

SEO is not just related to the presentation of your webpage. The more comprehensive and long the content is, the better is the page ranking. Who wants to click through dozens of websites in order to gain sufficient data? You can analyse the page and figure out the question areas or holes in the content to augment the information. Making sure that content provides satisfaction to the user’s exact quest is really important.

  1. Include keywords and LSI keywords in the content

The more the keywords appear in the content, the more relevant it seems. This does not mean that content is filled up with keywords mindlessly. They should be used meticulously in a way that it flows well with the content and does not degrade the quality of the page. LSI keywords can also be used well to make the page more relevant. These are the words which are closely related to the keyword of the content. The easiest way to figure them out is to pay attention to the words which appear along with the keyword in the ‘related searches’ category.

Various Aspects of SEO:

Organic SEO site to the method to obtain high ranking or placement for a website in a search engine in an unpaid manner. The quality of the content, back-linking and boosting keywords could be used to attain the high ranking.

Although black hat SEO methods may boost the websites rank in a very short period of time it may lead to banning of website and it is more likely the readers will recognize the low quality which will reduce site’s traffic and page rank over time.

Quality of traffic ensures that a website will attract numbers of viewers who are actually curious to know about the details and information the website is more likely to offer. And catching the attention of such an audience will surely ensure the traffic that is more likely to stay.

Quantity of traffic sites that you come along right set of people through SEO, who really want that particular set of information that you offer.

The paid promotion has short term value, on the other hand, SEO marketing tool ensures long term traffic which will be based on the quality and relevancy of the information and content that is being provided by the website. SEO can run free and is live 24/7, which means it can pull off your website even when you are sleeping. These basic techniques can make a huge difference in getting a better listing for your website. Various tools are freely available on the internet to run a thorough analysis of the webpage to figure out the weak areas. The crux of SEO is nothing but keen observation and strategic planning.

The basic task is the optimization of the website which may include a list of tasks which can be broadly classified as:

  • Editing Content
  • Adding more quality content
  • Modification of the HTML code
  • Use of keywords
  • Remove index barriers of search engines

SEO considers the point on how search engines work, the algorithms involved, the keywords referred and the choice of search engines of the targeted audience. SEO benefits the website traffic by helping it to achieve a higher rank in the ‘search engine result page’ known as the SERP. This SERP is the list of pages which get catalogued by the search engine in response to a certain keyword and/or a query. Thus, with the help of the generated traffic, these visitors can easily be reformed to customers. The leading search engines use crawlers to get the required files or pages from the internet. This helps us by cutting down workload as the page indexed for a certain search engine is automatically searched upon by the help of crawlers. Hence, reducing the work and generating more traffic from any search engine.

SEO surely benefits the website owner as the relative input cost is less as compared to citing ads. Being seen on the top results in the search results of reputed search engines gives an impression of higher brand credibility. Also, SEO is a one-time procedure which has sure and long lasting results. In the competitive world of today, SEO is a must for your survival. Talking factually, there are millions and millions of websites and web pages. But what makes you stand out? The optimum usage of SEO tools and practices.

Also, during the clash of results of a specific keyword, the SEO optimized webpage is more likely to be chosen. For example, if two websites sell the same product at the same price, the SEO optimized page will engage the patron.

Further, SEO can be broken down into three subcategories. These are-

  • Technical SEO

(A). Crawling

(B). Indexing

It has all to do with the technical side of the website and has doubtlessly no kinship with the content of the website.

  • Off Page SEO (Website promotions)

This is also known as link building or promoting the website which helps in the ranking of the website on the SERP list.

  • On-Page SEO (Content Optimisation)

The on-page optimization is principally concerned about the content and elements available on the website. The main purpose is to provide enough signals to the search engine crawlers which helps it to determine and understand the content of the page which results in the increasing the chances of the turn of the page after a certain search result.


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