Reasons Why Responsive Pages are Good for SEO

Reasons Why Responsive Pages are Good for SEO
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Many websites out there boast that they have responsive content. Why are responsive pages so important for a website’s SEO? Here are three crucial reasons. 

1. More Mobile Traffic

Today’s consumers appreciate the easy accessibility that mobile devices offer them. The online experience is not only on desktop computers now, but also in handheld devices. If you do not optimize pages to be responsive, chances are you would lose out on a lot of mobile consumers. 

2. Pages Load Faster

Since responsive content is compressed, the load time on responsive pages are much faster than on desktop computers. Slow load times are said to be the number one thing that cause visitors to leave a page. If this is true, then you should try to avoid it at all costs by going responsive. 

3. Good UX

You’ve probably heard of the term UX. It stands for User Experience, and means that customers get to enjoy the most optimized and simple design possible. Responsive pages are generally great for UX, since the content is compressed and rearranged. Therefore, customers will have a better and more enjoyable shopping experience. 

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