Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

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Footer happens to be one of the most important elements of a site and it benefits it in many ways. Generally, when a user comes to a site, he scrolls the whole site from top to bottom so that he can get an idea of the business and its operations. In that scrolling, your banner/hero image and footer are the two important parts of your site that can attract the user to take some certain actions.

It’s true that many website designers and developers don’t give much importance to footer because they believe that not many users scroll down to the footer. However, there are some certain things that precisely make footer as important as any other part of your site.

Why Footer is So Important

Here are the top reasons why footer is important for your site:

It Directs Users

You can’t leave your users at the end of a page of your site without guiding them to some other things on the site. It’s good that you have got engaging content on the homepage of your site and users are reading it. What about at the end of the page? Will you let them leave the page? You shouldn’t.

You should attract them to other content or pages of your site. For that, you can put an engaging footer with the links of the other pages and can direct your users to read more on your site. Your footer will efficiently navigate the users to more pages of the site, leaving positive impacts on both the traffic and performance of your site. A professional website designer can help you get all these things in your footer.

It Increases Credibility

Your business website’s credibility is impressively increased by adding a professionally-touched footer. If you go through the top websites, you’ll realize that all of them have good footers with the links of their important pages, contact details, awards, badges, payment options, certificates, privacy policy, FAQs, social media links, and so on. All these things precisely increase your business credibility in the online market.

It Works as the Site’s Map

Just as a car driver needs a map to driver in the right direction, a visitor also needs a map that can guide him find what he desires for. The benefit of a well-designed footer is that it guides visitors to navigate to the right pages without wasting any time. In today’s world, users prefer those sites that take no time in showing what exactly they want.

Apart from forwarding the traffic to other pages of your site, you can also attract them to different call-to-actions like social media pages, subscription, etc.

It Helps in SEO

As you already know that SEO is one of the most important parts of today’s digital marketing, it can effectively help in your SEO practices. By getting internal links in the footer area, you impress Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and other search engines effectively. It’s not just about the footer, links in the navigation, sidebar, content, and other parts of your site also help you in terms of SEO.

It’s Important for Longer Pages

A good footer is really important for longer pages because users must have to scroll down in the longer pages. Considering this, when your users will have links and useful content in the footer, it’ll be much easier for them to go to other pages from the footer rather going upward again in the navigation menu.

It’s important for Branding

A well-designed footer is also important for branding because you can effectively use your brand-style colors in them. You can also add your logo and social links in the same brand’s color. This will help you in your branding goals as the specific use of some particular colors will efficiently penetrate in the minds of your audience.

Have a look at this footer that we designed for


What to Include in Your Site’s Footer

There are many things that you can include in the footer area of your site. Though it comes in the end, this section is as important as any other part of your site and you should take care of it in order to avail maximum benefits through it.

The three most common yet important considerations for a website’s footer happen to be:

  • Content: Adequate information about your organization and its goals.
  • Aesthetics: The look and feel of the footer as a whole in accordance with the other parts of the site.
  • Structure: Contribution to the engagement and usability of the site.

With these three above considerations in your mind, you can add following things in your footer:

Company’s Contact Details

Contact details happen to be one of the most important things to add on a site. No matter how beautifully you have designed your site, if users face difficulties in finding your contact details, you may miss a valuable audience badly.

In contact detail, the most important things you must add are your address, phone number, email, and a link to your address map. In case you haven’t officially listed your business on Google Maps, you must do it as it’ll help you in SEO as well.

For your mobile users, you must also make the phone number clickable for calls.

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

Newsletter or Subscription

More than 25% websites on the internet keep their newsletter or subscription form in the website footer. Along with the footer, professional website designers and developers also place the subscription box in different designs on other parts of a site. It is because that the more people see about subscription, the more there will be chances to get them.

There happen to be many reasons to have an email newsletter on your site. They effectively drive sales for you and also help you remain connected with your customer in a direct way. You can also efficiently boost your social media followings through email newsletters.

Other than email newsletters, subscription boxes also help you achieve your online business goals. It’s important to place subscription boxes on your site because it directly helps you promote your new products or services. The more subscribers you have, the more people you can reach with your new products/services.

You also remain connected with your valued customers through subscription emails because people love to get exciting new offers every month in their email boxes.

Social Icons or Widgets

Social media is one of the most important digital marketing techniques that all kinds of organizations and digital media experts have to make full use of. Considering this, it becomes important for every website to place social icons onsite in the footer and other areas so that more and more users may like and follow your social pages.

Today, more than 70% sites have social media icons in their website footer. This is absolutely the trend that you need to follow in order to generate genuine social media followers of your business. In fact, it can be an effective piece in favor of your digital marketing strategies.

Have a look at this footer designed by our creative website designers:

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

Popular or Recent Posts

On most of the sites, you’ll find popular or recent posts being shown in the footer. Most importantly, when you consistently publish (that is really important according to the latest digital marketing tactics) blogs on your site, you must keep an option of popular or recent posts in your site’s footer so that the blogs can get more and more readers.

Generally, quite a few users go to a site’s blog and read its posts. However, when they’ll have something interesting shown on the homepage, the chances happen to be more in your favor.


You should also add copyright information at the end of the footer as professional websites do. When you add copyright text in the footer, you warn users that everything on the site (content, images, etc) is your property and you don’t allow anyone to copy them.

Copyright texts may be like,

“Copyright @ 2019 ReachAboveMedia, All Rights Reserved.”

Have a look at this website footer designed by ReachAboveMedia:

Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site Reasons Why Footer is Important for Your Site

There happen to be many reasons to copyright notice on your site. Like, you can send a legal notice to a website owner if he steals your content or images while ignoring the copyright notice on your site. It costs nothing to add this notice and it neither occupies much space on the site. However, it effectively helps in deterring infringements.

Privacy Policy

Privacy was one of the hottest digital topics in 2018. As we are moving forward with modern technologies, privacy concerns are getting more attention to the world. Google, Facebook, and all the big names were asked about their privacy measures by their users. Considering this, it’s also important for you to make a separate page for your privacy policy and link it to the footer so that every page of the site can show that link to your users.

There happen to be many benefits of adding privacy policy on your site. It can help you build trust among your target audience and also gives a peace of mind to your users. Most importantly, it’s a law in most of the U.S states to show your privacy policy to your users so that they deal with you accordingly. In case you collect details like name, email address, phone number, or payment info, you should describe their privacy with you to your users first.

What You Shouldn’t Include in Your Site’s Footer

SEO Keywords

When it comes to digital marketing, you’ll find SEO with the top techniques because it’s a name that is given to some effective techniques that bring organic traffic to your site. It’s true that you can’t get good ranking in Google Search unless you add the target keywords in the content of your site. But, using keywords in the website footer is not you are supposed to do.

In past, when keyword stuffing was on its peak, many Black-Hat SEOs would add more and more keywords in the footer of their sites but it’s not applicable to today’s strict algorithms by Google.

Miscellaneous links

You shouldn’t add miscellaneous links in the footer as both Google and your users won’t like it. However, you can add the important pages of your site like ‘About’, ‘Services’, ‘Help’, ‘Contact’, etc. You can use the footer as secondary navigation but you shouldn’t stuff excessive links in it.

Some Quick Tips for Website Footer Design

  • Keep the footer as clean as you can.
  • Add readable and concise content.
  • Better avoid stylish fonts and flashy graphics.
  • Use colors that are relevant to the other parts of the site.
  • Link to your important information.
  • Must include your contact information.
  • Keep mobile usability in your mind.
  • Don’t underline all the links.
  • Add sitemap also.


There is great importance of website footer in a website and you must add a professionally designed footer in your site that includes important elements like contact info, main pages links, social icons, and many others. However, in the process of design, you should avoid keywords or links stuffing.

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