SEO Tips for Personal Blogs

Personal Blog SEO Tips
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Do you or someone you know run a blog? If you are, then you might be looking for ways to boost your site’s visibility. Here are three SEO tips to help you increase your blog’s audience.

1. Use social media

Many bloggers enjoy using social media to increase a wide variety of audiences. You might want to consider starting a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. Don’t forget to link these on your website so users can easily switch back between them for updates.

2. Add internal links

You might have noticed the Contact us today links at the bottom of our blog posts. These are preferred since they allow users to go to the most important page of your site without having to search for it themselves. Again, simplicity is key, so this tip will benefit you and your customers.

3. Update old posts

Many of your visitors will be looking all throughout your website at posts old and new. Therefore, strive to update old posts every so often so that old content stays relevant to current trends. Your customers will appreciate a blogger who is up-to-date on new issues and activities.

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