What’s the Perfect SEO Length for a Blog Post?

Blog Post Length SEO
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What is the perfect blog post length for SEO? If you’re wondering about this question, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some theories on what the perfect SEO length is for a blog post. 

According to Search Engine Journal, long-form content tends to rank better than short content in organic search engines. In 2016, they found that average length for Page 1 blog post results is approximately 1,900 words. Most blog posts tend to have around 200-500 words, which is considerably less.

However, the best ranking pages may not attract the most customers, since most visitors have short attention spans. Therefore, try to strike a balance between long and short, and vary up the content. Another tip: analyze your audience to see if they prefer longer or shorter content, perhaps even creating a poll. 

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