Our Favorite White Hat SEO Techniques

Our Favorite White Hat SEO Techniques
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Our previous posts mentioned white hat, gray hat and black hat SEO techniques. While gray and black hat techniques are best avoided, white hat SEO is always in style. Here are three of our favorite white hat SEO techniques. 

1. Claim Your Business Listing

Business listing tools such as Yelp and Google My Business exist for one reason: to help boost your company’s invisibility. Therefore, you should leverage these tools to improve your site’s optimization. Whether your business is based online or offline, claiming your business listing will greatly benefit your company’s visibility. 

2. Pay Attention to UX

Customers not only like a simple shopping experience, but also an aesthetically-pleasing one. Be sure that your website uses User Experience techniques on every page. Your customers will appreciate the beauty of the online experience, helping to drive sales. 

3. Research Your Keywords

If you’ve ever searched for a keyword and seen the first result, chances are those first results had carefully chosen keywords. A general tip: choose keywords that are both simple and to the point. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and you will be able to think of the most relatable keywords. 

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