How to Optimize SEO on Videos

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Videos are one of the most effective way for a company to gets its message across to customers: after all, it is both visual and auditory. Here are some ways to optimize your company’s videos so that more potential customers can find it.

Add a video transcript

Since optimization will depend largely on what text the search engine returns as results to the web surfer, it is important that you attach a video transcript along with the video. There are many copywriting services that do this, and if the video isn’t too sophisticated, an artificial intelligence transcriber might be able to pick it up.


Choose simple and interesting video titles

Video titles are a huge yes/no determiner for the everyday web surfer. Many surfers will only choose videos if it somehow resonates with what they are looking for at the moment. Conduct user tests and determine what title is most likely to make a web surfer click on the video.


Choose eye-catching thumbnails

Aside from the video title, the thumbnail is very important in helping a web surfer determine if they want to watch a video. This helps them determine quality and the interesting factor.